Ben Calvert-Lee BSc Msc

Freelance Digital Sculptor working primarily in the table top war games industry.

Welcome to my miniatures sculpting portfolio site.

I trained in creating art for computer games at the University of Portsmouth but, with an interest in miniatures from an early age and 3D printing becoming more and more successful, I found myself with opportunities in a growing niche industry.

I started by sculpting a couple of trophies for wargames tournaments. From there, I experimented with components for existing miniatures before eventually working on full figures. Most of my work now is as a freelance sculptor in the miniatures & board game industry. I have worked for several miniatures companies, listed here, as well as developing my own miniatures line at Master Crafted Miniatures.

The miniatures I have sculpted have been manufactured in pewter and polyurethane resin, as well as injection-moulded PVC. I also do all my own resin casting for the miniatures I sell as Master Crafted Miniatures.

I enjoy writing my own rules for games and, you never know, one day I may have enough time to publish one of them!

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